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Press releases

HISPASAT will broadcast the presidential debate between Mariano Rajoy and Pedro Sánchez in Europe and Latin America

Spanish telecommunications satellite operator HISPASAT will be in charge of distributing, through Telefonica Servicios Audiovisuales, the signal of the programme "Cara a Cara 2015", the presidential debate between Mariano Rajoy and Pedro Sánchez to be held next Monday evening, 14 December, which is produced by the Spanish Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Hispasat and Mediapro will broadcast the Real Madrid-Barcelona match in 4K

The Spanish operator continues to be at the forefront of technology by broadcasting in Ultra High Definition.

Mediapro will broadcast the signal of the match to operators throughout the world.

The Teatro Real and HISPASAT sign partnership agreement to broadcast opera performances

HISPASAT will provide the Teatro Real with space capacity to broadcast live, via satellite, a maximum of ten yearly performances.

The agreement will allow viewers to enjoy opera, as well as children's shows, in all of Spain and abroad.

The initiative will also bring about the Teatro Real's return to live broadcast in cinemas. The first live broadcast will be the opera I puritani, by Vincenzo Bellini, which is to take place next July.

Marina, by Álex Montoya, wins HISPASAT award for best short film in 4K

Modernidad, by Roberto Barba; Oscillation, by Dídac Gimeno; Femme, by Beatriz Mínguez de Molina; and José Alfredo, by Eduardo Chapero-Jackson, complete the list of award winners.

The five winning films and a documentary about El Rastro, produced by RTVE, were shown in 4K at the closing night ceremony, held at the Callao cinema in Madrid.

HISPASAT to participate in 4K World Summit

The satellite operator will participate in two roundtable discussions and provide a demonstration of its 4K television channel for the event, which will be held in Sevilla on 5 and 6 November.

Satellite is the best platform for broadcasting content in 4K due to its universal coverage and wide bandwidth, which is essential for transmitting large quantities of high-quality information.

Finalists announced at HISPASAT 4K International Film Festival

13 short films shot and post-produced in 4k have been selected as finalists in the festival's first edition.

The five winning films will be announced at the closing night ceremony, held on November 12, 2015 at the Callao cinema in Madrid.

HISPASAT carries out pilot project with Renfe to provide audiovisual and Internet services to AVE train fleet

The tested solution includes Wi-Fi access and live television, as well as a variety of the latest film releases on demand, among other services.

Satellite will speed up the rollout of this solution for the Spanish high-speed rail network and guarantees a future of stable service throughout all routes.

With this project, HISPASAT continues to strengthen its leadership role in satellite communications for high-speed trains.

HISPASAT to collaborate with UN on restoring communications in emergencies

Today Spanish satellite communications operator HISPASAT signed an agreement in Geneva committing it to provide satellite capacity and terminals to restore communications in natural disasters and emergencies, thereby assisting in the rescue and reconstruction tasks carried out by the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), the United Nations agency in charge of coordinating humanitarian aid.

HISPASAT will lead session on space industry at South Summit 2015

HISPASAT President Elena Pisonero will moderate a roundtable discussion on innovation and challenges in the aerospace industry.

The session's opening remarks will be given by Gwynne Shotwell, president of SpaceX, and will bring together representatives of cutting-edge companies such as Airbus, SSL and Zero2infinity.

Brazilian government-owned corporation EBC awards HISPASAT Group contract for video contribution services

Television networks TV Brasil and NBR, operated by Empresa Brasil de Comunicação (EBC), will be able to broadcast from anywhere in the Americas thanks to coverage provided by the Amazonas 3 satellite.

HISPASAT has chosen ILS and SpaceX to launch their Hispasat 1F and Amazonas 5 satellites

Both satellites will be launched in 2017 and will reinforce the Group's position in Europe and the Americas.

The Spanish operator will once again work with ILS after the launch of Amazonas 1 in 2004 and has chosen SpaceX for the first time to put one of their satellites in orbit.

HISPASAT displays major audiovisual innovations at IBC2015

The HISPASAT stand will display several advances in the field of Ultra High Definition Television, including second-generation 4K in HDR format and in multiscreen ecosystems.

At the fair, HISPASAT will present its new app for mobile phones and tablets, which will provide useful information on the satellite fleet for clients and users.

HISPASAT set to grow in Latin America thanks to the Intelsat 34 satellite

Intelsat 34 was successfully launched on August 20th of this year from the space centre in Kourou (French Guiana) and will provide continuity and growth in the services offered by HISPASAT Group at the 55.5º West orbital position.

HISPASAT Group continues to meet the growing demand for telecommunication services in Latin America, a region in which HISPASAT is one of the main operators.

Call for entries for HISPASAT 4K International Festival ends soon

The call for entries is open to short films shot and produced exclusively in 4K.

The entry period ends on September 23rd.

HISPASAT first 4K broadcasting using HDR technology

HISPASAT launches UHDTV second generation service (Ultra High Definition TV) encoded in High Dynamic Range (HDR).

It is the first satellite service in the world using Dolby Vision HDR, available through the European coverage of Hispasat 1E. Satellite.

The new HDR technology provides better quality, brighter picture, greater contrast and more colour for high resolution images.

HISPASAT continues to be at the cutting edge of video technology innovation, paving the way for advances in Ultra High Definition.

HISPASAT provides connectivity in Colombia through Kioscos Vive Digital to minimise the digital divide

200 young people from Spain, Portugal and all over America are participating in the greatest cultural and adventurous exchange in the world.

HISPASAT, the Spanish satellite operator and technical collaborator, are providing the members of the expedition, in collaboration with Bansat, with Internet access and telephone service throughout the route.

This year the Ruta BBVA will have a Kiosco Vive Digital Móvil, operated by NEC and using HISPASAT's satellite capacity, in order to ensure connectivity.

HISPASAT and Bansat provide satellite telecommunication services for the Ruta BBVA 2015 in areas without connectivity

200 young people from Spain, Portugal and all over America are participating in the greatest cultural and adventurous exchange in the world.

HISPASAT, the Spanish satellite operator and technical collaborator, are providing the members of the expedition, in collaboration with Bansat, with Internet access and telephone service throughout the route.

This year the Ruta BBVA will have a Kiosco Vive Digital Móvil, operated by NEC and using HISPASAT's satellite capacity, in order to ensure connectivity.

HISPASAT widens it television distribution services thanks to an agreement with Goonhilly Earth Station

HISPASAT will provide TV distribution services throughout Europe through its iconic Goonhilly teleport.

HISPASAT is expanding its capacity and offers a new point of connection and coverage for its orbital position 30º West.

HISPASAT offers complete connectivity for Ruta BBVA in Colombian territory

The Spanish operator offers broadband connection via satellite to the organisation, the expedition members and journalists in their adventure through Colombia.

The Ruta BBVA is a highly valued project for HISPASAT Group, since it produces a cultural and educational exchange and because its area of coverage is the Americas.

HISPASAT launches its first film festival of short films produced exclusively in 4K

The call for entries for the HISPASAT 4K International Festival will be open from July 14 to September 23.

HISPASAT to sponsor the Complutense University of Madrid's Summer Courses in El Escorial

For another year the Spanish operator will continue to provide the Complutense University of Madrid with a satellite link to transmit television signals.
On 10 July, Ignacio Sanchis, the business director at HISPASAT, will deliver the closing ceremony for the course "Television in the new era.

HISPASAT supports innovation in the satellite telecommunications sector

Today the company awarded the Prize for the Best Telecommunications Satellite Innovation Project at a ceremony presided by Secretary General of Industry Begoña Cristeto.

The first prize went to the project "Spacecraft Modular Thermal Platform", submitted by Alejandro Torres and Donatas Mishkinis of IberEspacio Tecnología Aeroespacial.

The runner up was the project AFeNSat ("Antenna Feeding Network for New Generation Satellite Communications"), submitted by Carlos Alberto Leal Sevillano, Jesús María Rebollar Machain, José Ramón Montejo Garai and Jorge Alfonso Ruiz Cruz, professors at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

HISPASAT and SYNTELIX revolutionise maritime broadband services via satellite

o Both companies have jointly developed an innovative broadband solution for the nautical sector that is flexible and adaptable to the needs of every user.

o uSAIL® is the brand name used to market Syntelix's maritime services.

The "Spacecraft Modular Thermal Platform" project wins HISPASAT's 25th anniversary Innovation Prize

The project was presented by Alejandro Torres and Donatas Mishkinis of IberEspacio Tecnología Aeroespacial.

The AFeNSat ("Antenna Feeding Network for New Generation Satellite Communications) project was runner up.

Spanish election day takes up all of HISPASAT's occasional use capacity

The operator offered 330 hours of capacity via satellite Hispasat 1D's European connectivity

HISPASAT gains rights to exploit new orbital position in Brazil

Through its Brazilian subsidiary Hispamar, the Spanish satellite operator claims the right to exploit the Ku band at the orbital position 74º West.

HISPASAT will provide a connection to 8,700 public spaces in rural areas of Mexico

After signing an agreement with GlobalSat, the Spanish operator is now the largest satellite capacity provider for the 10K Network of the Mexican Secretariat of Communications and Transport.

Several transponders from the HISPASAT Group Amazonas 2 and 3 satellites will offer the necessary capacity to provide Internet access at these points over the next few years.

HISPASAT to distribute live events and movies to more than 500 theaters in Mexico

The agreement reached between the Spanish operator and the satellite service provider SPACENET will allow Mexican movie theaters to screen this content with the highest quality on the market, and with added speed and efficiency.

Satellite movie distribution eliminates hardware, simplifies logistics, reduces the time required to bring movies to theaters, and does away with the risks of equipment loss or breakage.

Five projects have made it through to the second round of HISPASAT's Prize for the Best Telecommunications Satellite Innovation Project

In round two, one winner and one runner up are to be selected.

The jury, presided by the president of HISPASAT and made up of experts from the aerospace industry, will assess the technical soundness of the projects selected.

The Spanish Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism, José Manuel Soria, will preside over the awards ceremony, to be held in June at HISPASAT's headquarters in Madrid.

SAT>IP Alliance launched to extend role of satellite broadcasting in multiscreen ecosystems

SAT>IP Alliance will see leading satellite operators SES and HISPASAT and manufacturers Panasonic, NAGRA, ALi Corporation, MaxLinear join forces to encourage the development and adoption of SAT>IP technology

SAT>IP technology makes it possible to distribute satellite TV services in an efficient way to any device connected to a domestic IP network

HISPASAT brings its latest video innovative solutions to NAB 2015

The satellite operator has strengthened its position in UHDTV with new content to be received live during the show provided by new Hispasat 4K channel partners.

HISPASAT will also show a SAT>IP technology demo, converting satellite TV service into IP signals for an efficient distribution to multiscreen devices.

The company will also be presenting in the NAB its innovative DTH product and service portfolio.

HISPASAT celebrates 25 years of history at "Washington Satellite 2015"

In Washington the Spanish operator is presenting its new high-quality coverage on both sides of the Atlantic.

HISPASAT is participating in two prominent presentations and in the show area of the main satellite communications event.

Currently, it holds the ninth position in the global ranking of satellite operators and is a top operator in Latin America.

The selection process to choose the winner of the HISPASAT Prize has begun

The operator has received 19 projects that are competing for the Prize for the Best Telecommunications Satellite Innovation Project.

The jury, presided by HISPASAT's president, is made up of professionals of renowned prestige in the academic and business sectors of the aerospace industry.

The awards ceremony will take place in June at the HISPASAT headquarters in Madrid.

Last year, HISPASAT generated a 9% increase in its revenue from America

Despite times being hard in 2014, the Spanish operator still managed to consolidate a total income of 202.1 million Euros.

Intense commercial action has opened the doors to new markets and more than compensated for the shrinking European economy, the fault registered in the Amazonas 4A and the negative impact of exchange rates.

Indeed, HISPASAT's guaranteed long-term satellite capacity contracts (backlog) now mark a record high, upon multiplying annual revenue figures by seven.