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Press releases

HISPASAT extends the deadline for submitting work to its 25th anniversary prize

Following demand from several companies and research groups, HISPASAT has decided to accept work submitted up to the 28th of February, 2015.

HISPASAT appoints SSL to build the Amazonas 5

The new HISPASAT satellite is the result of expanding the Amazonas 4B project, adding to it the full capacity of the Amazonas 4A.

The Amazonas 5 will provide coverage in South America and Central America.

HISPAMAR and SATCOM Digital Networks connect oil and gas platforms in the USA

Both companies support their positive collaboration with an agreement to extend the services of the platform Digistar VSAT in the North-East of the USA and the coast of the Gulf of Mexico across the satellite Amazonas 2.

HISPAMAR is the Brazilian affiliate of the HISPASAT Group.

HISPASAT welcomes its 25th anniversary by investing in growth

Today, in celebration of its 25 years, Spanish satellite operator HISPASAT held a concert at the Royal Theatre in Madrid, which was presided by His Majesty the King. Prominent members of the Spanish Government also attended, alongside significant figures from the aerospace and telecommunications industries.

The company was founded in 1989 and is now the ninth highest ranking operator in the world. Indeed, with seven satellites in operation and a further three under construction, in addition to operating from four different orbital positions, HISPASAT now leads the Spanish and Portuguese speaking markets.

HISPASAT and Intelsat Extend Collaboration at 55.5º West

The two operators will continue to co-locate Intelsat's Galaxy 11 satellite and HISPASAT's Amazonas 1 satellite at this position until the end of 2015.

They have agreed to the shared future use of the Brazilian-focused Ku-band capacity on Intelsat 34, which is scheduled to be launched in the second half of 2015, providing continuity of service and growth at the 55.5ºW orbital location.

TV channel OUTtv speeds up international expansion in Europe via HISPASAT

Television channel OUTtv is further internationalising and has chosen HISPASAT to help it reach top cable and telco networks in Central and Eastern Europe.

HISPASAT has initiated an antenna seeding plan for top cable networks in Europe, allowing them to receive the new channels distributed over its shared platforms.

HISPASAT will join the efforts to drive SAT>IP technology forward

The Spanish satellite operator HISPASAT announced today at the IBC in Amsterdam that it will join the efforts to implement the SAT>IP standard and roll it out to worldwide partners.

HISPASAT reinforces and expands its TV broadcasting services through new agreements with international teleports

The operator launches new TV broadcast platforms and gives TV channels the infrastructure they need to derive maximum benefit from the power of its satellites.

HISPASAT is thus expanding its capacity and offer, with new connection points and coverage over its orbital position at 30º West.

HISPASAT presents its new developments in satellite communications at the 2014 IBC

The Spanish operator is presenting its new satellites and the progress made in the development of video distribution services through shared digital platforms.

HISPASAT's stand will demonstrate 4K satellite television using HEVC technology at 50 FPS, as well as the SAT>IP communications protocol, which transforms satellite signals for distribution to domestic IP networks in the simplest and most efficient way possible.

HISPASAT sponsors the 2014 Vuelta a España cycling event

The operator will provide the organisation and accompanying journalists with satellite communication services throughout the 69th edition of the event.

HISPASAT satellites are the ideal platform for providing the telecommunications services needed during the race, given their large bandwidth and wide coverage throughout the mountain stages.

HISPASAT is sponsoring the Complutense University of Madrid's Summer Courses in El Escorial

The operator is providing the university with a satellite link enabling them to transmit television signals.

HISPASAT president Elena Pisonero will be closing the course, "The Digital Age: Between Heaven and Hell".

HISPASAT contracts SSL to build the Hispasat 1F

The new satellite will serve as a replacement for the Hispasat 1D and will give the Group additional capacity in America, Europe and North Africa.

It will be the Group's third satellite to be built by the American satellite manufacturer.

The VII HISPASAT Meeting of Space Telecommunications has begun at the UIMP

This year's debates fall under the title of "Technological Advancements: Satellites of the Future".

Over 30 speakers from all areas of the industry will analyse the most up and coming innovations in satellite telecommunications, in addition to the challenges these developments present.

HISPASAT celebrates its 25th birthday as a leader in Spanish and Portuguese telecommunications

The Spanish satellite communications company was founded on the 30th of June, 1989 and over the years, has become one of the industry's main operators across the globe.

The first event held to celebrate this anniversary will involve awarding a prize for the best innovation project in the telecommunication satellite field.

HISPASAT holds "VII HISPASAT Meeting of Space Telecommunications" at the UIMP

Over 30 speakers from the main companies in the aero-space and telecommunications industry from across the globe will debate the evolution of the satellites of the future.

HISPASAT earns a net profit of 54.3 million euros

The satellite operator's net profit has increased by 5.5% with respect to that of the 2012 tax year.
The Group launched the fleet's tenth satellite, the Amazonas 3, in 2013 and gained the right to a new orbital position, 36º West.

HISPASAT facilitates communications of the Ruta BBVA in its journey to Peru

The Spanish operator provides broadband connection via satellite to the organization, the expedition members and journalists in their adventure through Peruvian territory.

The Ruta BBVA is a project of great value to HISPASAT due to its significance of cultural and educational exchange and its scope of coverage, the American continent.

HISPASAT to broadcast soccer match live in Ultra High Definition in run up to World Cup

HISPASAT's satellite capacity will make it possible for Portugal Telecom's MEO Ultra HD service to broadcast the Portugal vs. Greece match via satellite, from the national soccer stadium in Lisbon.

The footage will be sent out through MEO's satellite and OTT platforms at the event, to be held in the Portuguese capital's MEO Arena pavilion.

This will be the first time a live UHD satellite broadcast is made in Portugal and one of the first times worldwide.

HISPASAT to showcase its service offerings at ANGA COM and BIT Broadcast 2014

The satellite operator will be attending both events, which bring together the major telecom companies to present their latest technological innovations.

HISPASAT and NEC to connect 648 rural communities in Colombia

Both companies have begun to operate digital kiosks in eight Colombian departments, in order to reduce the digital divide in remote areas of the country.

The initiative is part of the Kioskos Vive Digital Plan launched by the Colombian Ministry of Information and Communication Technology.

Teaming at 55.5ºW: HISPASAT and Intelsat combine forces for improved reach in the dynamic Latin America region

The two operators will co-locate Intelsat's Galaxy 11 and HISPASAT's Amazonas 1 satellites at 55.5W for two years, increasing capacity to expand their services.

The HISPASAT Group granted new orbital rights at 61º West

HISPAMAR Satellites, the Brazilian subsidiary of the HISPASAT Group, secured rights to operate Ku band at 61º West for the next 15 years, in an open auction held by the Brazilian government.

HISPASAT and Euskaltel extend broadband access in Basque Country

The Basque telecoms operator has chosen satellite technology to extend its broadband services and reach unconnected parts of the region.

Euskaltel will use HISPASAT satellites to quickly deploy the network and offer customers services they are demanding.

HISPASAT enhances communications for forest fire extinction

The IGNIS project, spearheaded by HISPASAT, completes the development of a solution that combines satellite communications and use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to improve the safety of, and make more resources available to, fire fighters.

HISPASAT helps to optimize the communications infrastructures of the home of the future

The ICT2020 project, headed by HISPASAT, has come to end. The aim of this initiative was to better integrate and enhance the efficiency of the telecommunications infrastructures of buildings and to adapt them to the demand for larger volumes of information.

An anomaly in the Amazonas 4A satellite is being investigated following its launch

Following the launch of the Amazonas 4A from the Kourou base in French Guiana on board Arianespace's Ariane 5 ECA launch vehicle and its subsequent positioning in the geostationary orbit, an anomaly has been detected in the satellite's performance related to the power subsystem.

HISPASAT will broadcast the 2014 World Cup to Europe and America

The satellite operator signed an agreement with Overon to provide TV signal distribution services from its Amazonas 1 satellite.

HISPASAT has consolidated its position in the audiovisual sector from its 30º West orbital position

RRSat, RTVE and FORTA have extended their satellite capacity agreement with HISPASAT for the distribution of its contents.

During the 2014 NAB Conference, HISPASAT presented its Ultra High Definition TV channel

The company presented its new "Hispasat 4K" channel to the Central and North American markets in efforts to boost this innovative technology.

HISPASAT has held an open 4K cannel in its European coverage since last September.

HISPASAT will present its new 4K America TV channel during the NAB Conference held in Las Vegas

The "HISPASAT 4K" channel, which is already operational in Europe, will begin transmissions covering Central and North America.

The operator will also once also be present in the event's conferences, with a talk on boosting Ultra High Definition technologies.

Successful launch of HISPASAT's Amazonas 4A satellite

The new communications satellite of the HISPASAT Group, launched in an Ariadne 5 ECA from French Guiana, is already in space.

The Amazonas 4 is designed to offer audiovisual services and to respond to the demand that will be generated by sporting events which to be held in Brazil in 2014 and 2016.

The HISPASAT Group's Amazonas 4A satellite to be launched today

The satellite will be placed in orbit by an Ariane 5 ECA launcher in French Guiana.
The expected launch window is between 23:04 and 00:02, Spanish time.

The satellite launch will be broadcast live on the websites of HISPASAT and
HISPAMAR Satélites ( /, the
Group's Brazilian company, which is in charge of the operation of Amazonas 4A.

HISPASAT reinforces its presence in the main telecommunications events

The satellite operator will participate in several speeches at the sector's largest exhibition in Washington DC.

It will also take part in CABSAT, which is held in Dubai and is targeted towards the Middle East and North Africa markets.

HISPASAT continues growing thanks to exports outside Europe

The satellite operator's revenues amounted to 201.4 million euros, boosted by internationalisation. The Americas now contribute 55.6% of the total.

The successful launch in 2013 of Amazonas 3, the first Ka-band satellite in Latin America, reinforces HISPASAT'S presence in that region.

The Amazonas 4A satellite reaches the Kourou launch site

The launch of the HISPASAT Group's new satellite is scheduled for 7 March.

HISPASAT now offers HIGH TV 3D channel at 30º West

The satellite operator has begun transmitting the world's most important independent unencrypted 3D channel across Europe.

HISPASAT is committed to distributing high quality TV content so much in 3D as in 4K format also.